This is where I put my money where my mouth is . . .

Here is how I applied this to Medium’s business back in 2016:

Sharing your story with the world is hard. Building and marketing a blog or mailing list is expensive and time-consuming. Increasingly, writers are turning to social media to share their ideas and perspectives.

Medium is a platform that helps great stories find their audience. Writers can access a huge audience for their stories for free, and readers can find the best stories as voted for by others. 25 million people already visit Medium every month to publish and consume great content.

Business leaders, publications, and ordinary citizens already use social media to share their message. Over 70 percent of people in the US consume social media every month. But unlike other platforms, Medium offers the best reading and writing experience for thoughtful articles.

Most of Medium’s traffic comes from individual writers publicising their own work to their networks. Medium recently launched a beta program allowing publishers to promote their stories. Full rollout of Promoted Stories is expected in 2017.

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