How I Learned Front-end Web Development for Free in Five Days

Last week, I set myself the challenge to become an intermediate front-end developer in just five days. This is how I did it.

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Language learning as an analogue

The progress so far

YouTube Videos

1. Intro to Django Web Development (12 videos)

2. Bootstrap Tutorial for Beginners (14 videos)

3. UIkit web framework (10 videos)

4. Derek Banas tutorials (3 videos)

5. learnCode Academy (1 video)

6. Web Development Tutorial for Beginners (29 videos)

7. Javascript Tutorial For Beginners (10–12 videos since some in the playlist above)

8. What is ‘This’ in Javascript (4 video)

9. Front-end Workflow (12 videos)

10. Using Chrome Developer Tools (6 videos)

11. CSS Flexbox Essentials (2 videos)

12. Front-end Example Projects (9 videos)

Videos I haven’t included here

Next Steps

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