Given I know nothing about the specifics, who’s to say in your case? However, in general, it sounds like a recipe for a complete disaster. The chance of this going well is as close to zero as mathematically possible. It’s actually the subject of a future article of mine.

To jump to my advice. Take the technology out of the equation and think about the human beings that you want to help. What goal in their life is your app helping them to achieve? What is the main issue in their life that is causing them problems in reaching that goal without your app? And what are other solutions, aside from your initial idea to create an app, that would also remove those solutions? Get creative. Could you give them a phone number and say “just call this number whenever you have this problem and I’ll remove it personally”. Simplify the solution to the problem. I learned the hard way that the first idea of the solution is universally wrong and more complicated than it needs to be. The solution is to build something much crappier than you imagine would work and start learning the many ways your first solution isn’t quite right. Highly counter-intuitive.

More to come in the coming weeks.

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