If you’ve ever found it difficult to get the results you want from other people, try this simple management technique

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Facts tell but stories sell. The following storytelling techniques will transform your pitch narrative from flat to fantastic.


Why OKRs often fail in startups — and how to use them effectively before product-market fit

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A practical guide for managers and their direct reports

Thoughtful, empathetic language can make or break your business relationships

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“We are dangerous when we are not conscious of our responsibility for how we behave, think, and feel.”―Marshall Rosenberg, Nonviolent Communication


Save messaging for what it’s good at.


Which you use depends on your use-case.

1) OKRs are for new initiatives


Science confirms the therapeutic effects of saying how you’re feeling.

‘When they were asked to name the emotion, the ventrolateral prefrontal cortex activated and reduced…


This one action drives accountability and feedback like nothing else.


A small intervention can make a big difference.

Dave Bailey

CEO coach to Series A+ founders, 3X venture-backed founder, angel investor, author of The Founder Coach ->

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